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Create & share beautiful ESL lessons quicker than you can say onomatopoeia.

Lessondrip modernizes the way you plan your lessons and transforms the way your students learn from them.

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A modern planning experience.

Plan your ESL lessons with just a few clicks, using all of the resources you currently use in easy-to-follow, delightful single page lessons, that feel more like browsing social media than studying a language.

A library of your lessons

Create, save, search, edit, tag, and share your lessons all from the Lessondrip dashboard. Say goodbye to searching Skype chats and digging through your browser history.

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Teacher Profile

Your brand, front & center

All of your lessons are branded with your info, highlighted front and center. Use this space to promote your social accounts, your website or to send students to your homepage to book more lessons with you.

The mediums you already use

PDFs? Pas de problème. Documents? Dōzo. Photos? Fantastico. What we’re trying to say is: embed all of the mediums you already use directly in the lesson feed. 

Lesson Elements

Dialogues on the fly

Often, the best way to model target language is to show how it’s used in real conversations. Lessondrip makes it simple to create custom conversations embedded directly in the lesson feed.

A modern learning experience.

Lessons created with Lessondrip make your students feel like they're browsing their favorite subreddits, watching their favorite videos, and liking their favorite posts.

  • Easy to follow lesson feed with all lesson materials embedded
  • Notes, grammar points, or roleplays for any content in your lesson
  • Leave lesson feedback for students
  • Empower students to learn on every device
  • Give students the option to download lessons on the go
Lesson Drip Lesson Plan

Why Lessondrip?

Simple /ˈsimpəl/

Simple to create. Simple to edit. Simple to share. Simple to use. We're kind of obsessed with keeping things simple.

Efficient /əˈfiSHənt/

Plan a lesson once, share it anytime with any student, as many times as you want. The result? A bunch of saved time.

Modern /ˈmädərn/

Create lessons that look and feel like the modern web. Lessons that you're excited to create and that your students are stoked to open and most importantly, that help them reach their language learning goals.

Relevant /ˈreləvənt/

Created by language tutors and language learners. We've experienced both sides of the online language learning experience. We created Lessondrip because it's what we want as teachers and students ourselves.

Created by language teachers and learners for language teachers and learners.

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